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Hypoallergenic flower

Redmancy Studio opened in 2021 and our story began with a friend of mine who loved flowers but was allergic to flowers, so I made her a bouquet of flowers crocheted with cotton thread. That's how we both hit it off and opened this crochet craft store together. We hope we can bring our creations to more friends who love flowers as much as we do and don't have to worry about pollen anymore.

Crochet Collection

Small size

$30 - $70

medium size

$90 - $160

Large size

$170 - Customized

Home Decoration

Hypoallergenic flowers are safe and elegant to have in your home without worrying about wilting, the cotton used is very eco-friendly. Very friendly for families with pets.

bring you a good mood every day.

Wedding bouquet

On this memorable and special day, is there anything better than an everlasting flower for your wedding bouquet, let it help you witness your wedding and symbolize a long and never-fading marriage.

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